The Maryland Vapor Alliance is monitoring the ongoing regulatory outcomes of Pre-Market Tobacco Applications by the Food and Drug Administration.  We understand in a time of uncertainty, many of our members are concerned about the preservation of flavored Vapor products as a safer alternative to keep adults smoke- free.  The MVA stands ready to assist the industry in any way possible and our mission has not changed:  We exist to defend small businesses who have helped people quit smoking cigarettes with the use of vapor technology.  We will remain steadfast in our mission during what may be turbulent times over the next few months.  While we’ve been targeted by overzealous special interest groups, and minimized by legislators who do not care to understand that vaping is the biggest public health opportunity of our lifetime, we stand firmly rooted in the science, faithful that the facts will not fail us.

We will be actively passing along relevant information and will continue to work together as a team effectively and strategically.  We appreciate your contributions that help preserve this industry for the small business owners who make up the Maryland Vapor Alliance as well as the Maryland residents that depend on us for less harmful alternatives.  We remain dedicated in our resolve and will continue to keep our members aware of our challenges and triumphs.

Last modified: September 3, 2021