Each year dozens of lawmakers, county executives, and community members from all across Maryland make the drive to Ocean City for the Maryland Association of Counties (MACo). The non-profit and non-partisan conference serves as a platform for community members and small business owners to articulate their needs to their local government.

Three members from the Maryland Vapor Alliance (MVA) will attend the MACo conference August 18-21, where they intend to make connections, be seen as members of their communities, and stress that fair regulation is needed for small business vape shops. This 3-day long conference gives many opportunities for MVA members to meet legislators they will likely converse with in the upcoming legislative season. Being present at events such as MACo is a key strategy that builds connections through networking and humanizes our members.

For any other members wishing to attend, please visit http://mdcounties.org/375/Summer-2021 and stay tuned for updates from our members in attendance!

Last modified: August 13, 2021