MVA is committed to preserving adult access to tobacco harm reduction products and advocating for sensible regulation of vapor products. Make your voice heard and help us:

  • Lobby for reasonable regulation
  • Craft proposed bills
  • Educate local and state politicians
Evolutionary change constantly remoulds the conditions for a successful politics of sustainability.


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Vaping Helps Adults Quit Smoking!

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Member of the Month


Lisa Barkhorn

B&B’s Vape Cafe has been helping smokers quit cigarettes for almost 6 years now.  Lisa and team are  current members of the MVA, and sell vape products along with offering a coffee bar.
“My partner and I wanted something a little different, so we offer a full coffee bar for our customers to enjoy while they are learning about vaping, grabbing their favorite eliquid or just coming in to hang out.”
B&B’s Vape Cafe is located in Parkville MD, if you are ever in the area be sure to stop in for a coffee and say hi to Lisa and her team!

What is Tobacco Harm Reduction ?


Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is an approach that encourages modifications to risky behavior, such as sunscreen, condoms, and seatbelts. When quitting smoking seems impossible, harm reduction can mean smoking less, or using alternative nicotine delivery methods


CIgarettes vs Vaping

The major harm from smoking comes from the inhalation of combustible tobacco and the carcinogens and tar found in cigarette smoke. Nicotine alone is a stimulant, much like caffeine.



Cleaner ingredients, reduced risk Vapor products provide an alternative, reduced risk delivery method for nicotine. Most eliquids contain only four components: Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, food grade flavorings, and nicotine in various strengths.


Flavours help adults quit!

Research has shown flavor incentives are critical in helping adults move away from traditional cigarettes. The success rate of total tobacco cessation is much higher when adults have access to enjoyable flavors other than tobacco.


What is harm reduction

Globally recognized benefits – Vaping is globally recognized as 95% less harmful than smoking, is a negligible risk to bystanders, and is considerably more effective than any other cessation methods in helping smokers quit for good. 


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Legislative Events

HB732 (Hearing)

January 28, 2021 - March 14, 202112:00 am

HB732 (Hearing)

• MVA offered amendments to lower the proposed 86% wholesale and floor tax to a 6% point of sales tax for all e-liquid above 5mL.  The governor vetoed the tax bill, but the veto was overridden.
• Result: the new tax is effective on March 14, 2021.

SB233 (Hearing) and SB273 (Hearing)

February 6, 2020All Day

SB233 (Hearing) and SB273 (Hearing)

• MVA testifies with strong opposition against SB233
• Result: The bill was defeated and never brought to a vote before the Senate Fiance Committee.

• MVA offered amendments to SB273.  These amendments were accepted and saved open vapor systems and flavored eliquid.
• Result: The bill  did not make it to the senate for a vote before a COVID shutdown occurred.

HB3 (Hearing)

February 13, 2020All Day

HB3 (Hearing)

• MVA worked with legislators to draft fair amendments for vape shop owners across Maryland.  Many showed in opposition at the hearing, further showcasing the need for the bill to be reformed.  MVA’s amendments were accepted and saved open vapor systems and flavored eliquid.
• Result: The Economic Matters Committee successfully passed the bill before the COVID shutdown.

SB177 (Hearing) and SB273 (Hearing)

January 28, 2021All Day

SB177 (Hearing) and SB273 (Hearing)

• MVA testifies with strong opposition SB177 which is a flavor ban.
• Result: The bill is sucessfully defeated and never brought to a vote by the Senate Finance Committee.

• MVA offers amendments to SB273 to protect Maryland vape shops and flavored vaping products.
• Result: The bill is never brought to a vote by the Senate Finance Committee.

HB134 (Hearing) 

February 10, 2021All Day

HB134 (Hearing) 

• MVA testifies with strong opposition against flavor ban.
• Result: The bill is successfully defeated and never brought to a vote before the Economic Matters Committee.


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